Gratis levering på ordre over 750DKK




Buy less, buy better

How does on-demand shopping work?

Plan your purchases mindfully, it helps to reduce large overproduction and gives you the opportunity to buy our products at a favorable price.

Our production pattern

We release our on-demand products with a 20% discount. Production begins after one to two weeks and the total delivery time is up to three weeks.

We plan the production of on-demand pieces according to your wishes, thereby reducing overproduction and reducing wastage of materials.

All our new products are produced locally in Denmark. Our materials are selected with focus on quality, which we do not compromise on.

We are always ready to help with questions about sizes & styles.

·The discount cannot be combined with other discounts·


With on-demand, we can improve both consumption and production patterns.

No large overproduction

Local production

Buy mindfully

High quality materials

No seasonal sales

Not following the classic seasonal collections