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Viktoria Guldbrandsen

Viktoria Guldbrandsen

Meet Viktoria Guldbrandsen. An inspiring woman who finds herself glowing the most when teaching yoga, having at home spa days and positive energy.

What makes you you?

I guess it's my kindness towards everyone I meet. It's an amazing quality that I got from my mother, yet I find it so hard to keep boundaries and say no to people. I am slowly learning! But at the end of the day, it has created a very strong network of people I love and admire. Also, it could be my fun and colorful second-hand wardrobe. My outfit is definitely a mirror of how I feel!

What inspires you?

I've come to realize inspiration is a constant wave in everything I am surrounded by! Old music videos, a good trip to the flea market, documentaries about creative people's lives, eg, Joni Mitchell, going somewhere new or somewhere nostalgic. After I've moved to the countryside, things seem more simple. So I can draw inspiration from a shade of the sky or the field I look out from my home office. So I seek more simple things right now to then make the wave turn the opposite. And then I must find inspiration that's chaotic and hectic: like going to a hip restaurant with all the new trends, noise, and fancy people. Or walking around Pisserenden, finding second-hand treasures, going to the local kiosk to see what the youngsters are wearing on the street. Like attracts like - but the opposite heals.

What are your passions?

There are many and so many that haven't unfolded yet! I feel like I am just at the beginning of following my true passions after many years of hard work behind a desktop and a counter in a store. I want to create a lot more. I think my perfectionism is sometimes in the way of that. My boyfriend is redoing our garage into his own pipe workshop, and he promised me a table there. I want to draw, do homemade Easter cards, homemade bracelets, arts and crafts, whatever comes to mind. Create for the FUN of it as a sole purpose! And when my son makes his arrival to the world in April, I hope he'll be my partner-in-creating-stuff, as soon as he can!
My passions at the moment are definitely the female body, birthing, yoga, breath, learning to cook a proper meal in my new kitchen (by take away options on the countryside, which is for the better!), and creating my own visual style for exciting future projects. My forever passion must be going treasure hunting - every bits and bob in my baby son to be's room is found in Red Cross, Børneloppen, or passed on by beloved relatives. Most of our home too. To give new life to old stuff is a passion I would love to evolve! <3 By up-cycling stuff and creating my own flea market up north, where I now live.

Recently I started styling vintage clothing. It really motivates me to create for a more circular tomorrow, where we buy less, buy used and higher quality. Where we share and borrow from each other.

What is a lesson that you have learned and you wish you knew before?

The more I release control, the more things will go my way. My boyfriend has this saying, "We'll cross that bridge, when we come to it" and after 4 years of being with him, I finally get it. It really sums up the power of being right here right now cause we can't control what will happen tomorrow anyway. Also, it makes one more present - and I've come to find, I can only find true happiness here! And also bring this joy to the people we are with by being as present as possible. So important these days, where we have 1,000 ways to escape just being with what is right now. I am practicing myself!

When do you feel the most confident?

Win the morning, win the day has become my key to feeling good. I feel the best when I do my morning stretch, have a self-loving breakfast, make my bed and scribble down some words just for me. Put on crisp and fresh clothes, hydrated skin, colorful cheeks.

It could also be a late afternoon after a long home spa session of dry-brushing, newly washed hair, good make-up, and a glossy lip gloss on. Big hoops, all my jewelry, and a comfy outfit like a hippie dress with cowboy boots and a colorful lipgloss. Surrounded by my loved ones, preferably when both have family and friends around. Hosting a Summer garden party - when I make people feel good while looking- and feeling good myself! <3 I guess I'm just very much about good vibrations all around, but the most important vibes come from treating myself. Oh, and also when I just taught yoga! Nothing can stop me, as the energy of it just floats naturally within me. A great self-confident boost indeed :)

VIKTORIA GULDBRANDSEN / @viktoriaguldbrandsen

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