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Veneda Terry

Veneda Terry
Meet Veneda,
What makes you you?
My energy, my knowledge and the choices I make in life with these. But in my opinion this is the same for everybody really. To me it's what you do with what you have that makes you who you are.

What inspires you?
I'm a very visual person so I'm heavily inspired by imagery. It could be via meditations, visualizations, dreams, colors, clothing, styling, materials, people, architecture, nature etc. Basically anything that creates an image in my head. At the moment my inspiration however mainly comes to me when I meditate in the morning or when I work out but it changes all the time. Pretty inconvenient to have to stop every other minute when I'm on a run to take notes on my iPhone because a random idea or song lyric comes to me out of nowhere but that's just the name of the game for me right now.

What are your passions?
Music, art direction and design (esp. fashion).
What is a lesson that you have learned and you wish you knew before?
Can I name 2? Not to believe everything your brain tells you and that you can bend reality.

When do you feel the most confident?

When I'm naked in bed watching Ozark and eating Ben & Jerry's with my boyfriend, haha. Okay, okay. On a more serious note I feel very confident when I art direct and design. Styling, art direction and designing is just something I know in my bones I'm truly good at. Do you know what I mean? That's why I love to combine it with music where I definitely feel more challenged and insecure at times. Music and visuals are like my yin and yan. To have one of them without the other just makes no sense to me.
Also I feel confident when I wear something that's extremely energetically and visually satisfying. I actually feel looks are heavily misunderstood. It's not about looking a certain kind of way or where your clothes are from. For me it's entirely about the energy. Good quality items hold a different energy than low quality items. Some colors and color combinations hold stronger and more powerful energies than others and the same for types of materials. You just feel it.
Photos by Rebecca Fexby Art Direction by Veneda Terry
VENEDA TERRY / @venedaterry
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