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Ingeborg Meier Andersen

Ingeborg Meier Andersen, She/Her
A brilliant performer who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.
What makes you you?
As part of my practice, I usually strive towards not fixing my work or myself into set definitions. It is important for me to always interact with the multiplicity of corporeal existences and stay fluid in my process of risking, failing and learning from life. What makes me me, are the relationships and bonds I have created with people who let me feel love.
Apart from the conceptual talk, I've heard my laughter is very meaningful and contagious. 

What inspires you?
The combination of vulnerability and carelessness.
The power of the heart. 
Badass humans who take their space and care radically for their community.
Raw aesthetics and distorted realities.
It inspires me deeply to think about the immense complexity of endless narratives and experiences that exist within every being.

What are your passions?
Creating performance oriented artwork which challenges the idea and notion of dance today through the perspective of a multilayered, emotional, body. 
Confronting and liquefying what is normal .
Making people around me feel comfortable, seen and maybe even encouraged to give less fucks about what other people might think of them.
Educating myself on how to efficiently smash the cis-heteronormative, white patriarchy. 

What is a lesson that you have learned and you wish you knew before?
Not to forget that the heart always loves. With every beat below all that meat, bone and skin, your heart always and only knows how to love. 
Ingeborg Meier Andersen
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