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Fie Lindholm

Fie Lindholm

Fie Lindholm, She/Her

Yoga guide & graphic designer

picture in mirror of Fie Lindholm

I would say that it is my sensitivity that makes me really feel self empowerment the most!

Nature is where I go for inspiration, both within but also for overall inspiration. Nature is always a good place for me to be. It refreshes my mind, stimulates my senses and creates clarity - especially in times when life is a mess. It is where I get to reflect on things I've been through and what I want to learn from them.

I think that I, like most other menstruating beings, would have really benefited from a better "education" in our cyclical potentials.

Overall, a more diverse and in-depth sexual education, on a bodily, historical and societal level in the years of primary and secondary school, would probably have benefited my generation quite a bit.

Besides that, it would have been great not to have been exposed so much to "the slick and forever young look" cultivated by mainstream media. Imagine if a younger me could have felt as relaxed about cellulite, wrinkles, hair growth and a body in constant change. I would have really wished that for me.

Today, I try to regulate that exposure with a heavy hand so that, as much as possible, I present myself to ideals that feel inclusive, caring, and honest to me. And I practice doing the same to a great extent when I send my own energy out there - whether in the real world or the digital world. It's a difficult but important exercise, and it feels so nice and freeing when you succeed.

When I'm in sweatpants doing bits and bobs at home with my dog ​​Rita, eating breakfast for dinner and listening to bad rock music, in one end of the apartment while my partner chills and plays Playstation at the other - that is what is ideal to me, that is what makes me feel comfortable. And otherwise I just feel quite content on quiet and hot summer days, when I can have like zero clothes on. I love that!

To go against the grain? It is to be honest. To be brave. So I try to be brave every day :)

FIE LINDHOLM / @fielindholm

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